How to Download Aether Mod

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available

You are probably thinking “HA, An easy to download mod, that will happen when pigs fly!”

how to download and install aether mod
Oh, well then nevermind.

Yes, the Aether is really cool. Adds new mobs, new bricks, loads new recipes, new EVERYTHING!!!! A great way to hold off until Update 1.8. You should download and install this right now!!!!! That, is where I come in.  …. Okay actually the guy in the video.

This video should show you exactly how to download, install and enjoy the Aether mod.

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available


And before you download anything PLEASE BACK UP YOUR SAVES!!!! Maybe not with the program this guy uses just go into %appdata% go into .minecraft and find your save and copy it somewhere else.

Everything you need to get Mod:




9 thoughts on “How to Download Aether Mod

    1. This will not work on a illegal copy of minecraft. do you have winrar? if not get that now. get a fresh minecraft. you do that by selecting options and force update at the login screen at minecraft. Get all of the mod downloads. open minecraft.jar in .minecraft which is found by searching %appdata%. open each mod in winrar and drag all contents into mineccraft.jar

  1. I cant download the ShockAHPI or whatever it is called, because it says it was removed from mediafire for violation of terms of service

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