Animal Cannon in Minecraft

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*Warning* This video contains footage of Minecraft animals being launched from a cannon. Animal lovers beware.

This contraption is not only extremely creative, but it has an element of humor as well. This cannon was specifically designed by Chebuoisan to launch animals (and other mobs) across the Minecraft landscape. While this may seem a little bit morbid to some, I ask you this question: Would you volunteer to be the test subject? I didn’t think so…

The design of the cannon is not be overlooked. It is a simple design that is both VERY effective and efficient to use. It appears to require very little (or no) repairing in between shots and it is also extremely easy to reload thanks to the accessible TNT chamber and the minetrack for reloading the animals.

I believe that Notch has recently (or plans to) remove the ability to place animals in minecarts, so this type of cannon won’t exist for much longer. This hasn’t stopped Chebuoisan though. He has moved on to other challenges including launching himself from his own cannon!

Chebuoisan is one of the best cannon builders in the Minecraft community in my opinion. Check out his YouTube channel for more cannon testing videos and other attack and defense mechanisms. I found the Snow Mine Field to be particularly interesting.

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