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July 13, 2012

DayZ in Minecraft: The MineZ Mod

No longer available

ITS BEEN SOO LONG…. Sorry got emotional there for a sec… Anyways, whats been up, hows it going? Oh yes this mod looks awesome amiright? DayZ + Minecraft = MineZ. Not too much thought there… Anyways! There is one setback to aquiring this, like they said in the video you have to donate($25) to join that server and enjoy its cool mod and map.((servers are and btw)) So in other words NO DOWNLOAD. If you are one of the few that want to buy it and support them the link is here:

So in the meantime, I found a mod you can download and install. OHBOYOHBOY! Unfortunately it is not as good as the original and suspiciously named the same thing… Hopefully this will hold us off until they release it or cheapen it. I would rather buy another Minecraft than one mod thanks.

No longer available

Download Single Player: Here

By the way if you know how to set up a server and want to make your own map there is a DayZ Server mod for this too.

No longer available

Download SSM: Here

PS I will try to update this when there more news. If there is and I haven’t found it yell at me in the comments thanks :)

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