How to Download More Creeps and Weirdos Mod

I know this may be an old mod but hey, the creator Freakstrich (yes, he is crazy, and you understand that overtime through this post) has added a BOATLOAD of new mobs.

List of mobs:

Tamable (T)  Neutral (N) Aggressive (A)

Camels: T N

Camel Jockey: A

Trophy Smash: N

Lawyers: A

Hotdogs: T

Letter G: A

Hippos: N

Robot Todd and Ted: N

Evil Snowman: A

Rocket Giraffe: N T

Bubblescum: N

Floobs: A

Evil Scientist: A

Mandog: T N

Goo Goat: N

Blorp: A

Baby Mummy: A

Preacher: N

Hunchback: T N

Desert Lizards: A

Snow Devils: T N

Guinea Pigs:T N

Thieves: A

Dirty Bums: N

Mummy: A

Black Soul: A

Invisible man: A

Rock Monster:A

And more?!

Ridiculous eh? Seriously though too many mods for one video, but I am going to put a Yogscast video (even though its for a earlier version of this mod)

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available


Now that you are interested… Here is how to download and install this weird mod.


YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available

Copy the contents of “COPY CONTENTS TO MINECRAFT FOLDER” into your MINECRAFT folder. Keep the directory structure intact and say YES if asked to overwrite anything!

To download:

DOWNLOAD More Creeps AND Weirdos v2.12 for MC 1.7.3

Alternate FILESONIC Download – no Adfly

SPAWN RATES ARE SET THIS WAY: Change the number from 0 – 12. 0 = NO SPAWN and 12 = MAX SPAWN

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