Enderman Mob

The Enderman mob is a new mob that will be implemented in the 1.8 update. They tall, lanky black creatures. They can change and modify the location of bricks. They are a peaceful mob that slowly roam the countryside, until your crosshair crosses him. He will freeze, stare at you, then sprint really fast! They will stay frozen as long as your looking at them (kinda like boo in mario). If they were farther away they will teleport nearer to you. They can teleport once per second and will only appear where you can see them.

enderman mob
Be very afraid.

I think this is a good way to shake up the Minecraft world, creepers are dangerous, but comical. Endermen will strike fear into a new Minecraft player, with their jumpy, horror movie style movement. Can’t wait for 1.8, amiright???

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