Fossil and Archaeology Mod

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These are the base for the mod. They contain all things used in this mod. They are harder to mine, and their drops are below.

Scarab Gems (0.001%)
Broken Swords (5%)
Skulls (10%)
Bio-fossil (22.5%)
Relics (23%)
Bones (40%)

The Analyzer

It does exactly what it says it does. I analyzes the fossil you have put in and checks if there is any tissues or DNA inside them.

The Cultivator

You put in DNA and bio-fossils and out pops a shiny dinosaur egg, whatever type of DNA you put in the machine is what egg you get. Cool, right? Except it does take some time.

Archaeology Workbench

This is a workbench that you can use to rebuild broken relic/artifacts back into their original selves. It does take some fossils but the itmes that pop out are quite powerful.

New Mobs introduced with this Mod are:


Neutral mob
Can be tamed
Will follow owner
Have 3 different skins


Will follow owner
Can be tamed
Will pick up anything owner drops
Self-learning (will teach themselves to open chests)

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Only hunts within it’s territory
Can break anything with a weakness less than iron
Invincible to arrows
Can be ridden
When tamed will not break your house 🙂

This is quite a cool mod that I think should be in the actual game. Okay maybe not the dinosaurs, but fossil bricks for sure. Since the game of Minecraft is all about digging and finding things underground, fossils should be in there. Fossils are underground so it should be in the game. I hope when the final game is released that there are LOADS of ores that can be used for many, many things. Items like oil that can be used for machines (and flame swords), different metals such as aluminum, lead and others could be forged into steel and so forth. I have said this time and again but I love Minecraft for it being a blank canvas so that one is open to create, whether it be with mods or bricks. Anyways, this is a cool mod, I would recommend it. (Kinda hope it goes in the Yogbox).

To download:

To install: You need modloader and audiomod

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