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More mods for everyone! Presented by my favorite Minecraft players Simon and Lewis is another… “great?” mod Jurassicraft! Okay, so it is a little bugged, when I say a little, I mean quite a bit. Certain dinosaurs can’t move, Pterodactyls don’t fly but still… DINOSAURS! First zombies, then dinosaurs, don’t hold your breath but i think aliens are coming soon. (i have no idea but it should be made).

So it doesn’t work perfectly, so what if you like mods and your a little eager for the next minecraft update try this out. Why not? New items like dinosaur teeth and new mobs, you can’t go wrong.

If you would like to download this mod go to:

If you have any cool mods that I should post or you would like yours posted leave a comment. As always tell me if I missed anything. Much appreciated. 🙂

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