Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down

What could possibly be better than nazi zombies in Minecraft? What about a complete Left 4 Dead campaign that includes everything that you’d expect: pills, four player co-op, safe rooms and of course, zombies. Roll this all up into a Minecraft mod and you get the masterpiece created by Chicago artist Kate Ouwenga (aka Bananafone31) … Are you ready?

Mine 4 Dead

After all the portal mods that have been coming out recently, it was only a matter of time before someone developed another one of Valve’s popular games inside the realms of Minecraft. This mod includes an SSP and SMP map with three completely different playable levels, safe rooms with beds, a four minute long “final event”, checkpoints made with teleporters (for dead group members), all character skins from L4D 1&2 and the custom made Left 4 Dead Texture Pack for Minecraft. Every detail of Left 4 Dead has been recreated in the mod and it’s impossible to fully appreciate the effort that went into it’s development unless you watch one of the videos in this post. Do it. You know you want to.

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Blockhawk Down is just the first set of maps and if there is enough interest in Mine 4 Dead, Kate says that additional map packs/expansions will be made.

And be sure to checkout some gameplay as well:
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Download Mine 4 Dead

Map Download: Blockhawk Down v1.2

Texture Pack Download

8 Character Skins

Large Poster

For additional help and more information, check out the official forum thread:

Mine4Dead Blockhawk Down

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