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June 25, 2011

Minecraft Shaders

I saw these things that are new to me (i dunno about you guys) but they are pretty cool, they are called shaders. They do not effect gameplay, but change the background that is out of reach into a cool video effect. Something I first questioned is that you never see people fighting mobs in the videos, so maybe its really difficult but nonetheless cool. At this point the forums are down so i cannot give you download links but I can show what they can do and post links later. However, I do not know if they work with the most recent minecraft update since most of the videos are pretty old, anyways, here are a few of my favourites:

No longer available
/\ My favourite, no headaches ;)

No longer available
/\this one would single hadedly destroy my computer (you should watchh in 1080p)

No longer available
/\ Not too much different than normal but does give you a new “depth feel to minecraft”. I kinda like it

No longer available
/\ this will destroy your mine and entertain you if your high, wouldn’t recommend playing for too long, too many headaches.

No longer available
/\ To get this one you have to copy this :
copy it to a txt file then rename the txt to – base.vsh then making sure to backup your existing, base.vsh drag it into the shaders folder located inside your minecraft.jar (once the GLSL shaders mod is installed of course)

GLSL mod->
NOTE: As of this post the forums are down so don’t try link won’t work :(

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