Mo’ Creatures Mod

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Mo’ creatures is a relatively old mod that doubles… no triples the amount of creatures that can be found in the game.

It has :

Werewolves / Weremen: it is the first multi-stage mob. It first looks like a normal man, when you kill him he drops wooden sticks and wooden tools. At night however, he turns into a crazy werewolf that can only be hurt by golden items (its like minecraft’s silver). The wolf form when killed drops golden apples and stone or steel tools.

mo' creatures wereman
Don't let him fool you
mo' creatures werewolf

Lions: Spawns only in the daytime. If you are on peaceful it will not attack, and on easy it will attack at 4 squares range. It will kill other mobs except the undead.

mo' creatures lion
King of the Jungle!

Bears: Only spawns in daytime on grass. Will only attack if provoked. Except at night time, it’ll get ya. It kills everything except other bears and lions.

mo' creatures bear
He just wants your honey..

Polar bears: Only spawns on snow. It is much more aggressive than the average bear. It will attack on sight. Drops fish!

mo' creatures polar
He's bi-winning

Wolves: Spawns only at night. Kills small prey including sheep. It’ll kill you at night but in the day will only attack if provoked.

mo' creatures wolf
Man's best friend no more...

Wraith and Flame Wraith: a wraith is a flying mob that is pretty much another zombie, but it drops gunpowder. Its about the closest we got to a ghost. Flame wraiths on the other hand light you on fire! only spawns on hard difficulty. Drops redstone.

mo' creatures wraith
mo' creature fire wraith

Ogres: They are some crazy mo sakras. They can destroy every block but obsidian. They drop obsidian as well. Fire ogres are more rare. Same thing as the wraiths dangerous and with fire thrown in. They drop an item that you can put on your armor to make it fire resistant. Cave ogres are by far the most dangerous they have the biggest range of destruction for blocks (thats probably the damage radius too). This bugger drops diamonds.

mo' creatures ogre
mo' creatures fire ogre
mo' creatures cave ogre
Ahh you get the point


mo' creatures bunnies

Birds: Lots of them… tons of them…. there are crows, bluejays, doves, cardinal, canary, ducks and parrots.

mo' creatures birds
They all look like this but different colors.

Foxes: Only spawns in the day. Kills only small animals like birds.

mo' creatures foxes
Look at him he's Sly as a....

Horses: lots of em. First controllable mount in the game. You can even breed them too get different horses. There are normal, brown, black, unicorns, Pegasus(can fly), pack horse (can hold stuff like a chest), Nightmare (dark unicorn) and black Pegasus (dark pegasus which can hold stuff and fly)

mo' creatures horse

These should actually be in the game. Hopefully most if not all will be in the final version of Minecraft. He is in the process of adding sharks and dolphins… who knows what he will add after. One can only wait.

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41 thoughts on “Mo’ Creatures Mod

  1. For some reason so many bunnies spawned and now there are no other animals and i tried putting the frequency to 0 lol bunnies are evil!

    1. In a recent update, this “bunny glitch” where the breed all over the place, overpopulating everything can now be fixed by putting down a signpost and not writing anything on it, and right-clicking on it with a whip. The sign will display a bunny kill count.

  2. well after having my entire 2 story basement just got done house destoyed by an ogre i R@EG qui then vowed to build my house in the air or deep deep underground…… or maybe UNDERWATER oooh ill have fun with that

    1. I don’t know about single player commands, but if you need things spawned you can try InvEdit or Too Many Items. TMI is an in game inventory editor, and InvEdit is an out of game one. They both work with Mo’ Creatures, but I suggest TMI.

  3. wrong uberhaxornova killed a werewolf with a freakin cookie, tnt, lava and flint and steel so your wrong idiots

  4. hi im just wondering i really dount like to be attacted so if your on peaceful will they attack you aor not? aldo if you delete the mob mods from the zip will it not be in minecraft

  5. Yeah, me too. I had just started a new world to go with this mod and I tried to build a house above soil (it was hanging off the side of the cliff because last time I did this creepers kept blowing up my porch and front door), I had just finished knocking out blocks for my windows and it was night. My house had no roof and I had spent all my time gathering and placing wood so I had no other resources besides a crafting table, wooden axe, a few sticks and maybe one or two leftover wood planks. I thought it was a glitched up bear the whole time. After I used up my wooden axe and finally punched it death (if I can knock down a tree with them I’m not too worried) it dropped a stone pick axe and an iron shovel (we all know which one we’d have preferred by iron), so by then I realized it was a were wolf. So I came online to figure out how it killed it with a wooden axe and my fists. I think maybe fists aren’t included as a weapon because I have a mod that lets you knock out a block on a tree and the rest will fall down (like with sugar cane) but, you can only use a tool for it to work. So I think it’s just a glitch that I was able to kill it with my fists (thank god). This also explains why it took so long (I used a the wooden axe before my fists).

  6. Hmmmm…….i can tame horses and i can ride them but i can’t get off them! (Does single player commands have anything to do with this?)

  7. theres a glitch with it i have the mod and my animals keep despawning and some one tell when its fixed it is the mod coz i get rid of it it dosent despawn

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