Astrocraft Mod

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What can I say about Astrocraft…. Well it is a very good idea, new mobs new tools and new ore, just needs a little update. Seriously though its worth a download just for the sweet picture of the earth. Give er a go why not?

CAUTION: when following the link follow all instructions because this mod is more than just dragging the files into .jar   There are other components.

Download and Instructions HERE

Xbox 360 Minecraft Updated!

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available

I love these guys but they didn’t cover everything of the Xbox 360 update. So here is a nice list of everything that was changed. It is slowly getting better and better, basically more and more like the PC version. Anyways here is the update list:


Added Pistons & Sticky Pistons, Stackable fences,Shears


TNT needs Flint and Steel or Redstone to detonate, Redstone wire will now connect to a repeater, save file cache to improve the speed of displaying the saves list, ban list functionality to allow players to self-ban from levels they feel contain offensive content, option for the host to limit online games to only players in their friends list,  seed display to the level load screen


New textures for Cobblestone and Brick, Character Skin Selector, lighting improvements, snow & rain improvements,  added the crosshair to the list of things affected by the opacity slider.


– Fix for only the host being shown the pop-up when any player attempts to place lava near the spawn point.
– Fixed tooltip for Flint and Steel.
– Fix for Note blocks not showing notes.
– Fix for Leaderboard reads taking too long.
– Fix to block players re-entering a level they have been kicked from, until the level is restarted.
– Fix to stop players being able to join a game when they are not a friend of any player in the game.
– Fix for Netherracks re-appearing after being mined.
– Fix for a rare crash on entering the Nether.
– Fix for attacking enemies at a different level not damaging them.
– Fixed a problem causing some save games not to load.
– Removed Herobrine (second time removing him and I have never seen him, have you?)
No idea who Herobrine is? The origin is just below \/

Herobrine – Man, myth or murderer, Some say all three