Best Minecraft Mods Ever!!

The best Minecraft mods have been collaborated into one group of mods. It was collaborated by Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast. They call it the Yogbox and it has some of the best Minecraft mods out there. They have selected some of their favourite mods that are compatible with each other and put them together. I was pretty excited when the Yogscast posted this. I love Simon and Lewis so it was only a matter of time before I posted this as well. I personally have downloaded this and it is a lot of fun and it is really easy to install. Like really really easy, it comes with an installer that does it for you. đŸ™‚

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List of all mods in the Yogbox:

Single Player RPG by NanoTom

Adds different RPG aspects like skills and levels.

Inventory Tweaks by jimeowan

Seasons by Nanodonalt

Pfaeff’s Mod

Elemental Creepers by xSmallDeadGuyx

Millenaire by Kinniken

Axelbane’s Mods (Mystic ores and ruins)

Baby Animals by Cocoavalley

Scokeev9’s mods (Biome water, scottools and randomite)

Somnia by MALfunction84

More Health by Nohero

ModOptions API by Clintonxa

GUI API by Lahwran

DaftPVF’s mods

Risugami’s mods

Airship by Pchan3

Hogofwar’s mods

Buried Treasures by Club 559, NCrawler, Pudding Huxtable

It is really cool, instead of downloading a load of mods that may or may not be capatable, just download this one. First you must have a fresh version of Minecraft. (you can easily do this before signing in to Mineccraft click options and force update) It will give you a new, unmodified version. It is really easy to to install, just extract the files (from the Yogbox) into its own folder and run the  installer with java (right click, run with java) if you don’t have java visit their website, its free and secure. And that’s it, run Minecraft and BAM you have it! I think they are the best Minecraft mods (so far) and it was really easy to install too.

To download Java: Latest Java

To download Modpack:



Proper Fence Behavior by nekosune

How to Download Aether Mod

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You are probably thinking “HA, An easy to download mod, that will happen when pigs fly!”

how to download and install aether mod
Oh, well then nevermind.

Yes, the Aether is really cool. Adds new mobs, new bricks, loads new recipes, new EVERYTHING!!!! A great way to hold off until Update 1.8. You should download and install this right now!!!!! That, is where I come in.  …. Okay actually the guy in the video.

This video should show you exactly how to download, install and enjoy the Aether mod.

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And before you download anything PLEASE BACK UP YOUR SAVES!!!! Maybe not with the program this guy uses just go into %appdata% go into .minecraft and find your save and copy it somewhere else.

Everything you need to get Mod: