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More mods for everyone! Presented by my favorite Minecraft players Simon and Lewis is another… “great?” mod Jurassicraft! Okay, so it is a little bugged, when I say a little, I mean quite a bit. Certain dinosaurs can’t move, Pterodactyls don’t fly but still… DINOSAURS! First zombies, then dinosaurs, don’t hold your breath but i think aliens are coming soon. (i have no idea but it should be made).

So it doesn’t work perfectly, so what if you like mods and your a little eager for the next minecraft update try this out. Why not? New items like dinosaur teeth and new mobs, you can’t go wrong.

If you would like to download this mod go to:

If you have any cool mods that I should post or you would like yours posted leave a comment. As always tell me if I missed anything. Much appreciated. 🙂

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Coolest mod ever. It was designed by Kane and a team of modders. It is essentially Call of Duty Nazi Zombies. It comes with the original map for zombies, Nacht Der Untoten, it comes with everything, perk machines random box, fixing windows, point system… EVERYTHING! For perks I have seen there is juggernog, which gives armor like in minecraft. There is support soda which gives you a random AI teammate with a gun, and there is speed soda which makes you run faster. As far as I know there are all the guns from Call of Duty, I did notice however there is a wondersword, this lights zombies on fire. Awesome! They have a score system going and you can buy weapons off the wall and everything. This is Nazi Zombies only better!

It was released on March 2nd and it is relatively easy to install. When I say relatively I mean you have to bring your saves to another location because it could delete them in the process of installing. Here is a tutorial video on how to install.

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available

I think that this mod has a lot of potential to become very popular. Think of the creativity of the maps, people can come up with… endless possibilities. They don’t have a map editor just yet and there is a rumor that you might have to pay for other maps but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Download ZombieCraft

EDIT: As of 18 Jul 2011  Zombiecraft mod is done. They are not updating it anymore. Sorry, all I can give you guys is the link for an old version of Minecraft. Some of the other coders might be working on it so just hold your breath. Visit their website for more info.

To download version 1.4.1 of ZombieCraft from MediaFire, click here.

Edit: there is another version for 1.2.5 minecraft here: Click Here

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