Best Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

Soooo with this new Minecraft update on the Xbox 360 it allows you to choose seeds like in the PC version. So here is a list of some above average seeds and some really cool ones (I’ll mention them). They may even have a little description with it too. If you find a sweet Minecraft seed do not hesitate to share it in the comments, I’ll add them.

Well according to the internet the top 5 seeds are these:

1. gargamel
2. Dead Mau5
3. Glacier
4. Quesadila
5. Fight Fight Fight!

But THE BEST SEED (in my humble opinion) is Glacier     Seriously give it a go 🙂

Best Minecraft Seed
This is the Best Minecraft Seed

There wasn’t a description with these seeds. They are just said to be the best.
Here is just a list with a tiny glimpse of what you’ll get:

Artomix- jungly islands [Tested]
Bambi- Has a very large flat area for building and stuff, a nice big jungle and a pretty gigantic cave system.
i dont care-a giant mushroom biome next to a jungle biome.
109321796-Forest and flatland
2539444-Mushroom biome
89125-Forests and Snow
Cow Killing Montage-Ravines, Forests, Snow
Fight Fight Fight!-Large forest with large cave system [Tested]
IMPORTANT-Great for hardcore mode
Magic School-Huge mountains and caves
Airplanes-Large cave with tunnel
Archespore-Overhangs, Waterfalls, Mountains
Dead Mau5-Floating waterfalls and sick floating mountains[Tested]
Diamonds -Diamonds
Gun Dream – many islands, plenty trees, dynamic elevation, crazy underground caverns
leopard snuggie – 3 dungeons under spawn, tons of pigs, and a snow biome
Quesadila-  good for getting the wolf achievement
tryworstseedever -spawn in front of 2 dungon and there is a mine with alot of diamonds in it
WoLf_MaN- good seed for diamonds
EMENCE-HUGE mountains,giant caves,lots of flat terrian(good for building) , lots of sand,snow,grssy areas,forests,beaches,floating islands
beagle bagle- cliffs everywhere!
404 – Most epic challenge ever. Break one gravel you will fall to the centre of the earth no joke.
longliveherobrine- don’t use it! its evil
xRAY-spawn you in a small desert where sand will collapse to show a skeleton dungeon. more searching will find more dungeons

So that’s a bunch for now. If you find a better or even what you think is the best seed post it below with a description and I may add it.

Happy Exploring 🙂



Astrocraft Mod

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What can I say about Astrocraft…. Well it is a very good idea, new mobs new tools and new ore, just needs a little update. Seriously though its worth a download just for the sweet picture of the earth. Give er a go why not?

CAUTION: when following the link follow all instructions because this mod is more than just dragging the files into .jar   There are other components.

Download and Instructions HERE