Best Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

Soooo with this new Minecraft update on the Xbox 360 it allows you to choose seeds like in the PC version. So here is a list of some above average seeds and some really cool ones (I’ll mention them). They may even have a little description with it too. If you find a sweet Minecraft seed do not hesitate to share it in the comments, I’ll add them.

Well according to the internet the top 5 seeds are these:

1. gargamel
2. Dead Mau5
3. Glacier
4. Quesadila
5. Fight Fight Fight!

But THE BEST SEED (in my humble opinion) is Glacier     Seriously give it a go 🙂

Best Minecraft Seed
This is the Best Minecraft Seed

There wasn’t a description with these seeds. They are just said to be the best.
Here is just a list with a tiny glimpse of what you’ll get:

Artomix- jungly islands [Tested]
Bambi- Has a very large flat area for building and stuff, a nice big jungle and a pretty gigantic cave system.
i dont care-a giant mushroom biome next to a jungle biome.
109321796-Forest and flatland
2539444-Mushroom biome
89125-Forests and Snow
Cow Killing Montage-Ravines, Forests, Snow
Fight Fight Fight!-Large forest with large cave system [Tested]
IMPORTANT-Great for hardcore mode
Magic School-Huge mountains and caves
Airplanes-Large cave with tunnel
Archespore-Overhangs, Waterfalls, Mountains
Dead Mau5-Floating waterfalls and sick floating mountains[Tested]
Diamonds -Diamonds
Gun Dream – many islands, plenty trees, dynamic elevation, crazy underground caverns
leopard snuggie – 3 dungeons under spawn, tons of pigs, and a snow biome
Quesadila-  good for getting the wolf achievement
tryworstseedever -spawn in front of 2 dungon and there is a mine with alot of diamonds in it
WoLf_MaN- good seed for diamonds
EMENCE-HUGE mountains,giant caves,lots of flat terrian(good for building) , lots of sand,snow,grssy areas,forests,beaches,floating islands
beagle bagle- cliffs everywhere!
404 – Most epic challenge ever. Break one gravel you will fall to the centre of the earth no joke.
longliveherobrine- don’t use it! its evil
xRAY-spawn you in a small desert where sand will collapse to show a skeleton dungeon. more searching will find more dungeons

So that’s a bunch for now. If you find a better or even what you think is the best seed post it below with a description and I may add it.

Happy Exploring 🙂



Version 1.4 Wolf Trap

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Okay, if your like me and haven’t gotten to see wolves yet here’s how:
1. Make an open area near forest, grass for floor.
2. Fence it in.
3. Light it up (not too many torches).
4. Get away, not sure the exact amount but up is preferred because if your too far away laterally they will not spawn.
5. Wait until night.
6. BAM wolves.