The Cathedral in Minecraft

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Here is a gigantic cathedral project that was built on WoM: SMP’s Server Of Love by ecrider. It is almost flawlessly crafted inside and out. No detail is left out of the design. The outlines around the windows and doors look great, the crosses are all in place and the whole thing is 100% symmetrical.

The view as you enter front door into the cathedral’s sanctuary is amazing. The huge columns on either side and the really high ceiling give you an idea of how large this creation really is. The wooden pews, red carpeted center isle and massive golden cross are great additions to the design as well.

The Cathedral was built using SMP’s realistic texture packet v5. It is 240 blocks long, 170 blocks wide and 128 blocks high. The design was inspired by the Notre Dame in Wurtex, Washington National Cathedral, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Cathedral in Norwich.

It is definitely the most impressive cathedral design so far, but there is always room for improvement and it would be great to see some different church/cathedral designs and maybe some detailed interior design.

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