Updates 1.6.1 , 1.6.2 , 1.6.3 , 1.6.4 , 1.6.5 and a Site Update

Yeah so I haven’t posted in a while, its probably because I have kinda lost interest in it. I just want the main game so modding is easy! I had a few working but just like most of you (I am assuming from the comments) I get a black screen. So until the main game comes out I won’t be modding much so i won’t be able to help you :S . On the bright side, school is almost over for me so i will be able to get lots of info, mods and fun things to keep Minecraft fun for you!

Anyways, when not posting there were a LOT of updates( 1.6.1 – 1.6.5) so I will summarize it in case you missed it like I did.

Besides a BOATLOAD of bug creations and fixes,

Hehe boatload

They added trapdoors.

They added MAPS!!!!11!!!!!one!!!

minecraft map

Added nether in multiplayer, which for me is not a big deal but I know the community wants it.
It is now possible to climb stairs and slabs while sneaking.
Bonemeal now grows tall grass and flowers.
Glowstone now drops more glowstone dust and takes less to make a block (4 instead of 9)
Shift clicking automatically adds the item to your inventory.
That’s pretty much it… anyways keep tuning in or checking in on the site.
Much appreciated.

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